Yves-A-lussier Renowned bioinformatician Yves A. Lussier, MD, FAMCI, gave one of his first major interviews since joining the Arizona Health Sciences Center, speaking with host Alan Fischer and the wonderful folks at AZ Illustrated.Dr. Lussier, who joined ASHC on Dec. 2, serves as UA professor of medicine; associate vice president for health sciences and chief knowledge officer for AHSC; associate director for cancer informatics and precision health for the University of Arizona Cancer Center; and associate director, BIO5 informatics, for the UA BIO5 Institute.

So what exactly is bioinformatics?

“Since the advent of the human genome in 2001, there’s this nascent field of trying to translate in words that physicians can understand the meaning of the genome for clinical practice,” Dr. Lussier said. His primary role within AHSC will be to develop more personalized treatments for cancer patients, while lending his unique areas of expertise to various fields of study.