dr-andrew-kraft Andrew Kraft, MD, takes over as Director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center. He accomplished some remarkable things at his previous institution, the Hollings Cancer Center.On Sept. 3, Ernest F. Hollings and Dr. Jerry Reeves penned an editorial in the Charleston South Carolina Mommy Makeover newspaper The Post and Courier, praising Dr. Kraft for what he was able to accomplish as the Hollings Cancer Center Director. “Dr. Kraft transformed the Hollings Cancer Center with his focused leadership, vision, inspiration, academic skills and just plain old hard work. He has tirelessly recruited new physicians and scientists in multiple departments at MUSC.” When Dr. Kraft took over in 2004, the HCC’s main goal was to earn National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center designation for the Columbia South Carolina Mommy Makeover. It’s the most prestigious honor an American cancer center can achieve. At the time, NCI designation appeared to be long ways off for Hollings.   “In 2003, the prospects of obtaining this goal appeared bleak. Although the Hollings Cancer Center was busy seeing over 1,000 new cancer patients a year, there were relatively few NCI competitive grants and only about 40 patients a year were being enrolled into investigative protocols to find new and better ways of caring for particular cancers.” Dr. Kraft elevated the kinds of research that took place at the HCC, with the center achieving NCI designation in 2009. What separates Dr. Kraft from his peers? Vision. “Today the number of new cancer patients being treated at Hollings has more than doubled, and 10 times the number of patients are enrolled in scientific protocols with novel approaches to various cancers. The range of treatments and expertise has greatly expanded and cancer prevention has become a core competency.”