Our latest issue of Act Against Cancer has arrived, and we couldn't be more proud of how this edition turned out.

We conducted around a dozen interviews and poured through hundreds of historical documents and photos to tell the story of this tremendous organization. In the fight against cancer, it's important to know where you came from so you can effectively decide where you want to go.

This issue covers the early days of the National Cancer Act, the circumstances that led to the formation of the University of Arizona Cancer Center, and the unique leadership abilities of Sydney E. Salmon, MD, as the UACC became one of the research world's most influential and respected institutions.

We delve into the UACC's atmosphere of innovation and imagination, and how that led to some major breakthroughs in translational research, as well as how that spirit of teamwork and will carry us -- and the field of cancer research as a whole -- through the present and into the future to help everyone achieve our common goal: to prevent and cure cancer.

Download the PDF here, but be sure to also visit our website at arizonacancercenter.org, where we'll be supplementing these stories with audio clips from the researchers who have been there from the beginning.



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